When a Customer Recovery Tool Motivates Managers and Employees

Customer experience is part of the corporate culture and is impregnated in STAPLES’ DNA. A strong desire to have access to advanced technology and in-depth analytical data about customer satisfaction has convinced the retailer to retain the new generation of Leger Metrics’ “voice of the customer” (VOC) as the one best suited to their needs, since 2010.

In partnership with Leger Metrics, STAPLES has implemented several separate online surveys in order to be able to assess the experience offered to their different clients (office supplies, marketing and print service, technical team). The ability to examine various aspects of the business independently and to gather performance data with those of their Point-of-Sale (POS) system allows the organization to maintain the consumer’s voice in the foreground in all business decisions. This technology allows them to draw conclusions between staff commitment, sales, and consumer satisfaction. These results encourage managers and employees to put forth initiatives that aim to simplify and improve the customer experience. A concrete example of a positive outcome from the use of Leger Metrics’ VOC for STAPLES is the implementation of their service “order online and pick up in store”, which is very successful.

All things considered, Leger Metrics’ VOC system has become an advanced analytical tool that motivates managers at different office outlets to ensure that the consumer remains at the heart of their priority. It’s no wonder that by continuing to be on the lookout for the needs of its customers, this retailer remains one of the most profitable office supply chains in Canada today!

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