Videotron Centre

Videotron Centre: a citizen’s dream

The Videotron Centre was conceived from a dream; a collective project. Even before the discussions began, the citizens of Quebec City were already mobilizing for its construction, in order to make Quebec City a must in terms of entertainment and events.

September 3rd, 2012 marked the transition from a dream to reality. Three years later, the Videotron Centre officially opened its doors to the public. Since citizens played a leading role in the completion of the project, the Videotron Centre organisation is honoured to have been at the height of attentiveness to the citizen’s needs, offering them an amphitheater and experience that rises to their expectations.

Leger Metrics: an adapted analytical solution

In use since the opening day of the centre, its opening, the Leger Metrics platform has become integral and impacting. Having at the centre’s disposal, a tool that allows the capture of the opinion of its customers as well as the analyzed results on one platform, allows the organization of the Videotron Centre to obtain a clear picture at all times and aids in measuring and improving the experience offered at all the events . To date, more than 36,000 people have given their opinion following their visit to the amphitheater.

As events unfolded, Videotron Centre’s organization leveraged the results of real-time surveys to better understand the trends, irritants, and key elements that contribute to a successful customer experience. The platform offers considerable flexibility,allowing to segment the results according to the types of events and according to the socio-demographic characteristics of the visitors, which further allows to adapt the subsequent offers according to the targeted clientele.

Leger Metrics: transforming results into actions

The implementation of Leger Metrics at the Videotron Centre has allowed the organization to better match the needs expressed by its visitors, for example, by opening a concession offering healthy menus and adding local beers to its existing offerings. These two tangible actions, that enhance the visitor experience, would never have happened as quickly without the contribution of the platform. Definitely, Leger Metrics is a tool at the heart of the Videotron Centre’s strategy and customer experience, as one of the largest arenas in Quebec, which has become an excellent venue for sporting events and entertainment.

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