Uniprix Looks After Its Customers by Measuring Client Experience in Real Time

Customer experience has become a priority for organizations that want to differentiate themselves in an era of fierce competition. Uniprix is one of the companies who want to stand out in every interaction with the customer. This is why this group of pharmacies has used Leger Metrics’ expertise to make use of a new generation of platform called, “Voice of the Customer” (VOC).

To do this, the Leger Metrics’ team of expert analysts helped Uniprix implement a survey that can be accessed by all Uniprix affiliated pharmacy customers, including both customers who have purchase as well as customers who did not make a purchase on their recent store visit. This continuous survey allows the compilation of comments and the real-time analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) allowing managers to take concrete actions quickly in pharmacies where recent dissatisfactions are highlighted. Retailers can know the reasons why customers do not make a purchase during their last visit. They are also informed of the unavailability of products when these are missing and / or desired by the customers in store, thus guiding them in the management of the inventory.

Managers view their performance frequently and manage dissatisfaction, which will help maintain a close relationship with customers. When we see how Uniprix is geared to the customer experience, it’s no wonder that this largest group of independent pharmacists in Quebec continues to accumulate successes!

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