The Voice of the Customer

Leger Metrics’ Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform is a continuous solution for measuring the customer experience on an ongoing basis. That is, collecting customer feedback in real time and managing customer dissatisfaction before finding it on social media or other platforms that could instantly affect your brand’s reputation. It is also possible to integrate our solution with your point-of-sale system (POS), to establish correlations between staff commitment, sales, and customer satisfaction.

With the help of our Leger Metrics’ expertise, transform your data into strategic intelligence to evaluate your performance. You can quickly congratulate your team for their excellent performance and / or make adjustments to improve your customer’s experience and satisfaction. Leger Metrics is the solution to help you perfect the customer experience where it counts!

The origin

The “Voice of the Customer” (also called VoC) is an approach to prioritize the needs of the customer at all levels within a company. Initially, the primary objective of this concept was to listen to the consumer’s point of view when creating products and services in order to eliminate unnecessary superfluity and reduce waste; a notion that was used mostly in research and development for product packaging design. With its evolution, the voice of the customer no longer only concerns quality management, but now also includes the management of the customer experience.

The definition of the voice of the customer

The term “Voice of the Customer” is commonly used to define a business that directs all of its strategic decisions towards listening to its customers in order to provide a successful customer experience and thus increase loyalty rates and positive recommendations (ex: Net Promoter® Score).

Software for the voice of the customer

High-performance software is now available to collect customer feedback, in real time, allowing organizations to make adjustments very quickly to improve the customer experience. This also allows companies to defuse the dissatisfaction of possible detractors within remarkably short deadlines, a valuable benefit in the digital age where negative social noise can have an instant effect on a brand’s reputation. This is one of the many advantages offered by the new VoC technology from Leger Metrics.

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