The Customer Satisfaction Survey

The ultimate goal of a customer satisfaction survey is to help you improve service to your customers. The Leger Metrics solution gives your customers the possibility to communicate with you at any time thus allowing you to improve the services offered.

Our Leger Metrics solution also allows you to:

  • manage dissatisfaction quickly
  • know your strengths and identify areas for improvement
  • analyze the data and translate the information into operational intelligence / marketing
  • evaluate and compare your performance
  • to take concrete actions that can help you improve your customer’s experience

The Leger Metrics team, with its solution and its expertise, is always there for you with tools and advice. Give your customers an easy way to communicate with you and to be heard!

Objectives of a customer satisfaction survey

A survey is used to measure customer satisfaction. The survey can help identify disgruntled customers and may even open the door to the possibility of converting a detractor to a promoter. In addition, it also provides key decision makers with the chance to identify brand promoters and collect quantitative data and constructive qualitative feedback from clients. When a customer satisfaction survey is run continuously, it can be very useful for the administrators of a company to analyze and to make operational adjustments quickly on a regular basis, as mentioned by their customers.

How to create the perfect survey

A continuously running customer satisfaction survey should contain no more than approximately a dozen questions. Insert marketing questions unnecessarily prolongs the satisfaction survey and moves away from the intended goal, therefore, those questions should be limited and instead the survey should be focused in order to obtain elevated response rates. It is preferable to measure a small number of powerful metrics such as the likelihood to recommend, using a scale from 0 to 10, and to include questions that have a unique purpose, such as measuring overall customer experience, likelihood to revisit and specific KPIs that are unique to your brand.

A well-developed customer satisfaction survey should also assess the key elements of a customer experience. It should allow you to quickly see the strengths and weaknesses of the company. It also usually contains a question associated with overall satisfaction and often concludes with a question based on the Net Promoter Score® (NPS). In addition, at least one open ended question should collect qualitative comments, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. These comments can be used for additional training and / or to motivate the employees or the team in question when they are favorable.

The point in time at which the survey is completed is also crucial. In order for the data to come closer to reality, we must be sure to survey the customer at the right time, when things are fresh in their memory.

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