Omnichannel Retail

The Leger Metrics solution allows you to see, in real time, the client appreciation of all of your services, regardless of touch point or channel.

Since different KPIs need to measured depending on the touch point used by your client, you can run multiple programs at a time, allowing you to measure different KPIs based on the channel used by the client.

In addition, seeing the aggregate of all data from the various programs to get an overview of your overall brand experience is also essential.

The customer experience remains the single most important aspect regardless of the channel used!

The definition

An “omnichannel retailer” is defined as a retailer with multiple sales channels that are completely integrated with each other, thus providing the client with a seamless approach. For example, a client may purchase online and return in store or shop in store but purchase an item online and have it delivered to them at home. This term is not to be confused with “multichannel commerce” which defines itself as a business selling its products or services over multiple online channels. A business can be omnichannel, multichannel or both.

The objective of the omnichannel

An Omnichannel approach is starting to become table stakes in the digital age, since the success of a business rests on its ability to connect with consumers, regardless of their preferred method of shopping.

Measure to target

The most successful retailers in the omnichannel strategy measure and analyze consumer behavior. This allows them to better understand customers’ buying habits and can implement highly targeted and effective marketing strategies.

The challenge of an omnichannel retailer

At a time when the customer is looking for a simple and enjoyable shopping experience, the omnichannel retailer is leading the pack since it empowers the consumer to select their preferred shopping channel and experience. Companies will expansion into the omnichannel retail world; however, the companies who will excel are those who will adapt their business strategy based on analysis that they will be able to draw from their data.

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