Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an indicator of customer satisfaction and loyalty used internationally that allows you to compare yourself with your competitors.

Measuring the NPS

Using the Leger Metrics solution, you have access to your NPS index at a glance. You can also manage detractors in real time in all your business units.
Additionally, our team of experts can also perform more in-depth and personalized analysis and advise you on the interpretation of NPS results.

Why has it gained popularity ?

The most persuasive argument that has led many companies to use this metric is the demonstration that a high NPS is highly correlated with a company’s revenue growth. Since its index is calculated using a single question, it allows all companies, large and small, to easily collect the necessary information to be evaluated. It therefore becomes inexpensive to then evaluate an effective KPI in relation to customer satisfaction. In addition, using the NPS, it becomes interesting for organizations from the same sector to compare themselves (benchmark).

Managing detractors

The Net Promoter Score continues to evolve over the years and Leger Metrics has developed an alert management platform allowing you to get your NPS index at a glance and quickly manage the critics, in real time. The methodology used to collect the results of the NPS is identical for all clients thereby allowing you to benchmark yourselves in your sector of activity. When using the Leger Metrics technology, our team of experts can perform more in-depth and customized analysis of the management of detractors and advise you on the interpretation of results obtained on the Net Promoter Score. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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