Customer Feedback Management

Today, it is important to lead dissatisfied customers to a communication channel that you control, otherwise, your customers will use social media to vent and this may affect your reputation.

With our customer recovery module, stakeholders will receive alerts from dissatisfied customers in real time, allowing them to quickly manage dissatisfaction and close the loop with the client before they post on social media.

By proactively responding, you demonstrate the importance you place on your customers.

Real-time reports are also always available to help you keep an eye on your key performance indicators (KPIs). Turn your detractors into promoters!

The definition

“Customer Feedback Management” or CFM is defined as the set of systematic operational procedures deployed by a company allowing it to effectively manage the voice of the customer (also called VOC ) . By operational procedures, we can refer to the technologies used by a company to collect customer data and analyze it in order to take concrete actions that will enable it to provide a satisfactory customer experience.

The characteristics of CFM

  • Strong leadership and involvement of the company’s senior management in the importance of providing a satisfying customer experience,
  • A willingness from the company to invest time, resources and money,
  • The creation of a team dedicated to delivering an amazing customer experience,
  • Planning internal communications with employees to keep them informed of the company’s performance,
  • The implementation of effective customer satisfaction management tools and helping the company in its objectives and action plans.

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