Leger Metrics at UMQ

Leger, a firm that specializes in polling and market research, had the honour of taking part in the Salon de l’UMQ in Gatineau on May 16 and May 17, 2018. The Leger Metrics team – consisting of Sandie Sparkman, Caroline Roy and Mickael Lavergne – was able to discuss municipal indicators and present the Leger Metrics platform, which offers a real-time and continuous measure of the citizens’ experience and satisfaction to mayors and elected municipal officials in Québec.  We were enthusiastic about the positive feedback from the cities, which are becoming increasing concerned about the needs of their digital citizens, at a time when the term smart city is on everyone’s lips.

It should be noted that within the scope of our partnership with B-CITI, we had the pleasure of sharing our booth with this company and Martin Maurier.

We also participated in the conference that addresses the topic of smart cities, presented among others by Ms. Vicki-May Hamm, the Mayor of the City of Magog, and Mr. Alain Desjardins, the Director General of the City of Plessisville. These two cities have been highly innovative over the past few years, with for example, the dematerialization of their communication processes and WIFI access available throughout the city. Their message is clear: it’s time for cities to act quickly in the digital era and start preparing their action plan. In addition, being a smart city is not synonymous with being a big city; these two successful examples are proof of this. Both these cities have obtained a very good return on their investment, despite several innovation expenditures.

Leger is here to help you improve your communication processes and gain a better grasp of your digital citizens.

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