Leger Metrics accompanies chocolats favoris in its expansion strategy

Maintaining an outstanding and consistent customer experience in all current sales outlets while concentrating on managing growth, was the challenge of Chocolats Favoris, a company currently expanding and having recently opened a large number of branches. This objective was achieved in partnership with Leger Metrics’ VOC platform (“Voice of the Customer” solution) and its personalized consultancy service.

This platform allows Chocolats Favoris to measure, in real time, the pulse of its clientele, thus allowing store managers to keep an eye on the various key performance indicators (KPIs) and the ability to apply fast and concrete actions to the areas that need to be improved. For the Chocolats Favoris team, the major benefit of the Leger Metrics’ VoC, is having the chance to read the customers ‘ comments and to view the scores by store in real time. Managers are able to analyze the results and ensure that the new stores perform as well as the existing stores, thus providing them with a benchmark to aspire to with every new store opening. Inter-store comparative data allows them to set targets and to make quick fixes in new branches when performance is not at peak standards. This ensures a certain uniformity of the service offered to the clientele in the different stores.

Let’s bet that the success of Chocolats Favoris comes not only from their delicious products, but from their determination to stay tuned to customers and to offer them a similar and satisfying experience in all their locations!

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