What are your dissatisfied customers doing?

More than 4 people out of 5 (83%) will never purchase again from the company after a bad customer experience.
More than 1 customer out of 3 (36%) have shared their bad in-store customer experience on social media.
More than 7 customers out of 10 (72%) would like to complete a short online survey after a visit in a retail commerce.

The last time your customers experienced dissatisfaction they…

85% spoke about it to their loved ones.
44% have thought to complete an online survey.

Benefits of the Leger Metrics Solution

  • Understand: Measure customer satisfaction of all point of contact
  • Inform: Receive alerts from dissatisfied customer in real time
  • React: Resolve issues in real time
  • Motivate: Encourage a better performance from your employees
  • Communicate: Share customer satisfaction on social media
  • Compare: View and compare the performance of your stores with a real-time dashboard
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